Superior MaintenanceLtd. began operations in the Paradise Island area in 1989,which is located in the Bahamas.We have grown successfully year by year becauseof our commitment to provide quality service. Superior MaintenanceLtd. specializes in land cleaning, excavation, hotel maintenance and general construction services and materials to private companies and owners. Superior provides their clients with a professional and reliable first class service ensuring complete customer satisfaction.We have built a reputation for quality workmanship in every sector of our business. Superior carries out regular inspections of commercial properties for their clients. In order to achieve our goals, Superior hires quality team members and continuously communicates with them through their “Total Quality Management” process.

Superior’s management philosophy is “You can be assured that your facility and equipment is being maintained by people who care”.
Superior accomplishes this by providing the highest level of consistent services by documenting every task.

Core Values
Superior's guiding principals are: make it happen, create and maintain a safe working environment which encourages personal initiative, teamwork through trust and respect for fellow employees. To encourage integrity in all that they do. Employees are encouraged to be involved in the community by being environmentally friendly and giving back and to provide the best customer services.

About Us